Sunday, November 20, 2011

What's Been Happening in Ford City? November 2011

Ford City Sharing Our Vision: Community Forum a Success
On November 3rd the Ford City community came together to hear the results of this past summer's Community Conversations project.The report is available for download on the right side of the top of our blog under Envision Ford City.
.Community Forum
The Community Conversations brought Ford City community members together to discuss questions such as "what do you love about Ford City", "how would you like Ford City to be know in 10 years", and "what could be done with vacant land or property in Ford City". Groups of participants sat around small tables with a hot cup of coffee, a snack and the company of fellow community members to discuss their answers.

Project staff recorded answers and complied data. After an analysis of themes and answers a report was produced to summarize the results and 35 recommendations were generated.

These recommendations will inform the work of the Ford City Redevelopment Committee, the Ford City Neighbourhood Renewal Project, the Ford City Residents in Action, the city and other organizations with a stake in the area's revitalization.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation for their support of both the Sharing Our Vision Forum and the Community Conversations project. We would also like to acknowledge CMHC for their contribution of a shed for the Ford City Community Garden in the summer of 2011.

For more information on this project or to obtain a copy of the report please e-mail

Ford City Sharing Our Vision: Listening + Learning Event
Gallery Guests
On November 4th The Ford City Listening & Learning event, held at Atelier Virginianne 1078 Drouillard, showcased the photography of residents, a visual representation of the parts of Ford City that speak to their experience living there.The event also featured works from members of BCL such as "Make This Better".

About 100 guests enjoyed the art, live music and participated in the silent auction of the photos. The money raised from the event went towards the activities of both the Ford City Residents in Action and the Ford City Community Garden.

This event also marked a first for Ford City; the opening of an art studio and workspace called Atelier Virginianne. The space features a large work area and kiln that can be rented, and Virginianne herself teaches lessons here.
Call 519-962-5638.

Thank you to all who attended. Your support is vital to the momentum of Ford City.